Meetha Paan- A Healthy Way To Stay Refreshed And Maintain Digestion

Posted by Admin on August, 28, 2019

Paan is one of the traditionally used mouth fresheners by Indians. It is usually preferred as an after-meal treat in weddings and traditions. Talking about specific uses of paan, it is also utilized in some Indian rituals and tradition. However, the prime usage is for eating only. The flavor of paan is also very liked by youngsters in some confectioner items.

Usually, two varieties of paans are available to eat:

• Meetha paan- a flavored variety with a sweet taste

• Sada paan- made with spices and has a piquant taste

Usually, meetha paan is favored by most of the population in India. The taste inventors have formed different varieties of meetha paan like

1. Mango paan,

2. Choco paan,

3. Mix fruit paan,

4. Cold coffee paan,

5. Sandal paan,

6. Litchi paan,

7. Choco silk bubble paan, etc.

How is meetha paan made?

Various meetha paan manufacturers Madhya Pradesh make varieties of meetha paan by adding different flavourful items like

• Coconut flakes,

• Tootie Footie,

• Candied fruits,

• Rose paste (gulkand),

• Cardamom,

• Betel nuts and cloves,

• Wrapped in a crispy betel leaf

All these items are put together to attain a deliciously refreshing taste an after-meal treat. The mixture of sweet, tangy and slightly spicy flavors makes it a unique one.

Why is flavorful Meetha Paan famous?

Flavorful meetha paan is famous for some reasons. It is mesmerizing in taste and flavor. It is generally taken after a heavy and spicy lunch. Made from several ingredients like famous beetle, nuts, clove, rose petal, choco, and other species, it is famous among youngsters.

Meetha Paan is offered by lots of Meetha Paan Manufacturer Madhya Pradesh in different packaging. It gives a restoring and refreshing treat for mouth after any meal.

Health benefits of betel leaf

Paan is a heart-shaped leaf that unveils supreme medicinal properties. Betel leaf’s medicinal uses are incredibly unrecognized but highly effective. Have a look at some of the amazing benefits.

• Amazing analgesic relieves pain

• Eases constipation

• Good for digestion

• Help increase hunger

• Promotes oral health

• Dual protection from germs

• Prevents fungal infection

• Prevents body odor

• Refreshes breath

Some of the adverse effects of eating paan

Although it is often used as a palate cleanser and digestive help, paan often acts as a caffeine-like stimulant and is addictive. It can also result in gum and tooth decay, and the areca nut has been linked to certain tumors.

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•tasty, sweet and rich Green color

• Other varieties with liquid sauce

• Additional Mouth Fresheners

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• The longer shelf life of one week

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